Staff Changes at the UW Law Library

In the wake of Sue Center’s retirement as Assistant Director for Public Services, the UW Law Library staff is undergoing some major structural changes. In essence, we are moving from three departments (Technical Services, Public Services & Information Services) down to two (Technical Services & Public Services).
Many of our staff, including me, will be taking on new roles and responsibilities. Some of these include:
– Bill Ebbott has become Assistant Director of Public Services
– Bonnie Shucha (that’s me) has moved into the Head of Reference position
– Cheryl O’Connor has shifted into a new Faculty Services Librarian position
– Jenny Zook has taken on a new specialty to become Reference & Instructional Services Librarian
It’s a bitter-sweet transition. We know that the library won’t be the same without Sue, but we believe that our new structure will better enable us to continue her legacy of service.