Saying Yes to Everything

MADreads reviews a pretty funny sounding book called Yes Man about a man that literally said yes to everything for a year. Here’s the review:

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!
By Sarah – Alicia Ashman on Nonfiction
Yes Man – Next time a telemarketer asks if you’d like to learn more about their fantastic offer, just say YES! When asked if you’d like to “say it with flowers,” just say YES! When asked to go anywhere, anytime, with anyone, just say YES!
Can you imagine living this way? Author Danny Wallace did, for a whole year. And, luckily for us, he wrote a very funny, very strange, very British book (Yes Man) about his experiences, which varied from the euphoric to the disheartening (and back again). Perhaps my favorite example of his saying “YES!” involved his agreeing to help the Sultan Qaboos, who sent him an email requesting his bank account details and phone number. Although Wallace was willing, he was lucky enough to have a quick-thinking friend who responds to the Sultan’s email with an email of his own:
“Dear Omar: I wish to flee the country and move to somewhere like Oman, where I could live with you in your Sultanate…If you help me move $1000 into a safe foreign bank account then for your troubles I am prepared to give you 25 %… send me your bank details.
P.S. This is not an e-mail scam.” (p. 108.)
Just say YES to reading this book. If you do, I promise great things will happen.
P.S. This is not an internet scam.