Legal, Factual & Other Internet Sites for Attorneys & Others

Timothy L. Coggins, Associate Dean for Library and Information Services and Professor of Law at the University of Richmond School of Law has compiled a very comprehensive list of Legal, Factual and Other Internet Sites for Attorneys and Others. It appears in the Richmond Journal of Law and Technology, Spring, 2006 (12 Rich. J.L. & Tech. 17)
This list is divided into eleven categories:

  • Part I covers search engines.
  • Part II identifies some important “comprehensive” or portal web sites.
  • Part III includes those web sites that can be used to search for legislative and administrative materials, both Federal and state.
  • Part IV covers case law research sites.
  • Part V lists some important Virginia legal research and other web sites.
  • Part VI is a listing of foreign and international law sites.
  • Part VII covers secondary materials.
  • art VIII is a fairly long listing of web sites for people, places, weather, vital records, company information, expert witnesses, and more.
  • Part IX presents some helpful sites for legal and other news, as well as a brief introduction to some law blogs (blawgs).
  • Part X covers sites that are difficult to categorize into one of the preceding nine parts.
  • Part XI, is a listing of URLs for the law schools in Virginia, many of which have legal research sections that might present additional sources for the legal researcher.