Status Report on RSS Use Among Legal Publishers

Cindy Chick of LawLibTech, reports on her conversations with legal publishers at AALL about content delivery via RSS. She writes, “I found some serious progress is being made on the RSS front.” Here’s more:

  • First, there’s BNA. Their email newsletters are very popular among the attorney population. And yes, their information is soon to be offered via RSS. They can even create keyword specific feeds that searches across all the publications you subscribe to, and aggregate the result in a separate feed. Contact your rep for more information.
  • Lexis, in their Publisher product, and Westlaw, with Westlaw Watch, give you the option of RSS feeds. If you’re using these tools, these can be a significant source for RSS data.
  • Westlaw is also incorporating RSS into their Docket Watch product. An RSS feed could be perfect for keeping up with developments in that area.
  • What about CCH? Not so much. Heck, they’ve only just started sending selected newsletters out by email. It may take them a while….