Westlaw at the WI State Law Library

From the Wisconsin State Law Library newsletter, WSLL @ Your Service :

New & Improved Westlaw Access @ WSLL and MLRC
WSLL and MLRC have offered in-library user access to Westlaw for a little over a year now. With this popular service, users at either library can search and browse AllFeds and AllStates caselaw, Wisconsin caselaw, statutes and regulations, use the KeyCite citator service, and much more, all at no charge. (Printing is 15 cents per page plus tax at WSLL, 20 cents per page including tax at MLRC.)
Until now, WSLL had been able to provide this service on only four of our seven public access PC’s. We’re pleased to announce that as of July 1, Westlaw is now available on all WSLL PCs. And, users at both WSLL and MLRC can now access Westlaw’s new RegulationsPlus™ for federal regulatory research. RegulationsPlus provides streamlined access to full text current and prior versions of CFR; full text Federal Register summaries dating back to 1981; West’s new CFR Index with over 1 million entries; KeyCite coverage with links to related full text court and agency decisions; and access to agency administrative materials. The next time you need to do federal regulatory research, stop in and give RegulationsPlus a try.

FYI: Westlaw is available on UW Law Library computers also. It’s referred to as Westlaw Patron Access.