Free Collaborative Office Tools – Word Processing & Diagrams

This morning I learned about two neat collaborative office tools:

  • Writely – Word Processor (from Boing Boing):

    Google has re-launched Writely, the online word-processor they recently bought, in public beta. Writely does everything most things Word does, for free — and saves its output as PDFs and even RSS feeds (subscribe to a word-processor doc!). It features collaborative editing — multiple editors on the same doc at once — and can be used as the editor for writing your blog, saving out to a post instead of a file on your machine.

  • Gliffy – Diagramming Tool (from Slaw):

    Gliffy is a web-2.o cross between writely and MS Visio. Lots of drag-n-drop tools for work flows, wireframes, floor plans. Plus, it’s a web application that requires no additional software. The other cool part is the ability to collaborate with others.