Scanned Books & Gov Docs Available via MBooks

You may have seen the news that the University of Michigan has partnered with Google to scan library materials. The project is called MBooks.
According to the FAQ:

  • Access to MBooks is through Mirlyn, the online catalog for the University of Michigan libraries. Conducting an “Advanced Search” and restricting the Format to “Electronic Resources” will return only electronic materials.
  • Public domain materials will be available instantly through the Pageturner application, while copyrighted materials will be readily accessible through the library’s conventional processes, such as circulation and interlibrary loan.

The University’s extensive federal government document collection makes up a large portion of the public domain materials. According to the Govdoc-l listserv, this includes approximately 2,200 Congressional hearings from the 1970s and 1980s, as well as, the diplomatic correspondence of Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.