Berring's Legal Research Podcast

Thanks to Jim Milles for the post about Bob Berring’s podcasting project.
From the site:

In the Berring on Legal Research DVD set, Professor Robert C. Berring provides expert, holistic instruction on the core principles of effective legal research. Now, Professor Berring, in conjunction with West, will be producing rich supplemental podcasts, which will explore the finer points of the key legal research topics already touched upon in the DVD set. Designed to be interactive, Professor Berring will respond to listener questions, discuss new research tools, and expound upon the essential “deep principles” that guide both experienced and developing legal researchers.

So far, there are three podcasts: Legal Periodicals and How to Find Them; Legislative Histories, and Topics; and Key Numbers and Searching for Cases By Subject.
From Jim: “From I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but if anyone can make audio lectures on legal research interesting and entertaining, it’s Bob.”