Show Your Librarian Some Love

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting article on why faculty should Show Your Librarian Some Love. The author describes how a collaborative relationship between faculty and librarians can be beneficial, especially for students.
From the article:

Just as children raised in a loving environment tend to fare better in life than those from broken homes, so students trained by professors and librarians who cooperate and affirm each other’s role fare better than those forced to bear the brunt of troubled relations. . .
So if you are a teaching faculty member, why not respond to that librarian who e-mails you every fall with an offer to meet you and your students for research-education (or “information literacy”) sessions at the library and take him or her up on it?
Your librarian will feel regarded as a partner. Your students will get a leg up, learn how to approach an information problem, and write better-informed essays — in all likelihood not just for you but for all of their instructors. Through research education, students are learning to help themselves learn, and that can’t help but pay off in our information age.