UW-Madison Joins Google Book Search Project

On Wednesday, UW-Madison announced that it has entered into an agreement with Google to provide access to hundreds of thousands of public and historical books and documents from the holdings of the UW-Madison Libraries and the Wisconsin Historical Society Library.
The eighth library to participate the Google Book Search project, UW-Madison will share the operating costs of the project with Google. The university will select and ship the volumes and Google will do the scanning.
According to Ed Van Gemert, interim director of the UW-Madison General Library System, the university has decided to share only those volumes and materials that are in the public domain, unlike some of the other libraries participating in the project. Specifically, this would include books published before 1923, state and federal documents, as well as, works whose authors have consented to the process.
The university has not yet decided whether it will provide access to the 1.3 million pages it has already digitized.
Sources: UW Madison Press Release & Wisconsin State Journal article