AmLaw Tech Survey on Technology Trends in Law Firms

AELR Blog summarizes nicely a article on a recent AmLaw Tech survey. The results are based on a summer survey of 200 highest-grossing firms in the U.S. about technology trends and the products and services that they are using. AmLaw received 125 responses that offer insight into how firms are prioritizing their technology budgets and how they are using new technologies.
From the AELR post:

1. Firms desire e-mail programs that work with a variety of document management and client relationship management programs. However, since most e-mail programs currently being used by firms need to be upgraded to do this, there is a risk of jeopardizing confidential attorney-client materials in the conversion.
2. Firms are not only wanting remote access now, but universal access.
3. Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is a hot trend for law firms.
4. 66% of the firms in survey stated that their IT department increased in size in the past two years.
5. Firms are finding that the capabilities of the firm’s IT department are a selling point to clients.
6. Some law firm clients are beginning to require that the firm use an e-billing service.
7. In 85% of the firms, a majority of the lawyers used flat panel displays that were 17 inches or larger.
8. For the firms in the survey, Dell is the most common brand of both desktop and laptop computers.
9. Windows XP is used by 90% of those responding to the survey.
10. Almost 90% of the respondents supply BlackBerrys or Treos to both partners and associates.
11. 94% of the respondents have installed a wireless network in their law firm.