Judicial Reports – Consumer Reports for NY Judges

Law.com’s Legal Technology section has a useful article by Robert Ambrogi entitled, Superior Legal Web Sites to Watch. There are a number of good sites listed, but one that struck me was Judicial Reports.
Ambrogi writes:

What Consumer Reports does for appliances and Zagat does for restaurants, a new Web site aims to do for judges. Called Judicial Reports, the site offers in-depth profiles of New York state’s 328 Supreme Court judges. Eventually, it will add New York’s federal judges and, if there is demand, judges in other states.
Each profile draws on information available in public records together with independent research and analysis. Thus, a profile includes a judge’s biography and vital statistics, but also the judge’s reversal record, judicial conduct report and financial and campaign-finance disclosures. Included in a judge’s biographical profile are comments from lawyers who have direct experience appearing before the judge.