Use Your Cell Phone to Dictate an Email Message with Jott

It often happens that I’m in my car or walking somewhere when I remember something that I’m supposed to do. Or I think of something that I need to reminder my husband about. And I always seem to be without a pen and paper. That’s why I’m excited about a free new web service called Jott with which you use your cell phone to leave email messages for yourself or others. Jott delivers both your recorded message and a text transcription.
You set up an account for yourself with your cell phone number and email address. Then you call a (currently toll free) phone number and dictate yourself a message. Jott will transcribe it and send you an email with your message. I’ve tried a few messages so far and the transcription has been dead on.
You can also set up contacts in Jott by entering the name, email and phone for someone else. Then you call the same Jott phone number, press 2 (for “Jottcast”), say their name, and leave them a message. The message will be sent to their email (along with a copy to yours).
This is one of the most useful applications I’ve seen in a while. I can envision using it to send reminders to myself and communicate with my husband. I could also see using it when I don’t have access to my email and need to contact someone in my office.
You can also use Jott as an online to-do list. All your jots are saved in your account, whether you create them by phone, sending an email to Jot or entering text directly.
Source: PDF for Lawyers