Justia Launches Free Federal District Court Filings Database Search

Justia has launched a database of recently filed Federal District Court civil cases. You can browse by browse by state and/or type of lawsuit or view all recent cases. Search by party name, jurisdiction, type of lawsuit, and within a given date range.
BeSpacific reports that according to Justia’s Tim Stanley, there are currently “over 300,000 case titles since January 1, 2006, and they are updating [the database] daily.”
Search results contain the party names, jurisdiction, date, and docket number. There is a link to the docket via paid PACER subscription. Links to blog, news and web searches for each party name are also available.
RSS feeds are also available for search results. This is very cool. If I want to monitor all cases with party name “Harley Davidson”, I can subscribe to that feed. If I want to monitor all Wisconsin cases on IP law, I can subscribe to that feed. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for the searches you can set up.
Although the content doesn’t appear to have anything over PACER, the advanced search capability and powerful alerting capability make Justia a very valuable resource.