WI Women's Law Journal Colloquium: "Our Workplace, Our Home"

The Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal will be hosting their 2007 Colloquium at the Law School (Lubar Commons) this Friday, February 23. This year’s colloquium, “Our Workplace, Our Home: Protecting our Families and Preserving our Dignity,” highlights two authors the journal will be publishing this year.

The first speaker, Jill Maxwell of Brooklyn Law School, will be discussing her article, “Sexual Harassment at Home: Altering the Terms, Conditions, and Privileges of Rental Housing for Section 8 Recipients.” In her article, Ms. Maxwell addresses the necessary changes in policy initiatives and litigation strategies to decrease the vulnerability of low-income women to sexual harassment at home.
The second speaker, Pam Gershuny, is an assistant professor at Southeast Missouri State University. Ms. Gershuny will be addressing her article, “Family Values First When Federal Laws Collide,” as she proposes a public policy exception to the employment-at-will doctrine to allow parents to care for their children without the risk of employment termination.
The Colloquium will be held in Lubar Commons from 1-4, and food and drinks will be provided.