Guide to Filing a Petition for Review in the WI Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has created a handy guide to Filing a Petition for Review : A Guide to Seeking Review in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The nine page document is dated October 2006.

This is a simplified guide to the Wisconsin Rules of Appellate Procedure with respect to filing petitions for review and is intended primarily for people who are not lawyers and lawyers with limited appellate experience. This handbook is not intended to replace the Rules of Appellate Procedure and should not be cited as legal authority. You must rely on the rules and case law as legal authority. The Rules of Appellate Procedure are contained in Chapter 809 of the Wisconsin Statutes, which is available at You may also want to consult the court’s Internal Operating Procedures (IOPs), which are published periodically and are available at This handbook reflects
the rules and case law as they exist on January 1, 2006. The rules and case law are always subject to change, and should be consulted for changes. This handbook is available in an alternative format upon request.

Thanks to my colleagues, Bill Ebbott and Margaret Booth for the tip.