Coolexon – Powerful 3 MB Translation Software

Coolexon is a dictionary and multi-language translation software providing results in over 60 languages. It offers users a variety of free dictionaries and translation tools in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and other major languages in the world. And Coolexon is only 3.3MB. coolexon.gif

Coolexon has two key features: cursor translation and text translation. With cursor translation, you can translate words in any places of the screen by pressing Shift and the system will automatically recognize the words selected by the cursor and display results. With text translation you choose which translation engines you want and compare the results generated by different engines. A pronunciation feature is also available.
You can purchase a single license of Coolexon for $35 USD or download a free trial version. See the press release for more information.
Source: LibrarianInBlack