CLJC Offers Customizable Subscriptions to Law Journal Contents

I know I’ve mentioned it a couple times before, but I wanted to give another plug for Current Law Journal Content (CLJC) from Washington and Lee Law School. With CLJC, you can search and subscribe to current tables of contents from over a thousand law journals (including Wisconsin Law Review, Wisconsin International Law Journal, and Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal). Search results include the article citation along with a link to the article in Westlaw (password required) and WorldCat (which will show the nearest library that has the journal).
You can also elect to receive customized alerts by email and RSS. To create an email alert, you must create a profile. Just click on the journals that you want and enter your email at the top. By clicking subscribe, you’ll receive a weekly email with the journal table of contents.
With RSS you can customize even further, although it is fairly complex. You can customize your RSS feed by journal, country, author or search terms. [A BIG thanks to John Doyle for recently developing those last two!!]
You do need to construct your own feed – here are a few examples:

  • For articles from a specific journal: [insert your own ISSN] -or- [insert your own journal title]
  • For articles by a specific author: smith) [insert your own author name]

  • For articles matching your keyword search: [insert your own search term(s); note: multiple terms will be “anded”]

If you are a RefWorks user, you’ll be happy to know that John has recently created a special RSS feed format for importing into RefWorks. Just paste “&outformat=refworks” on to the end of your feed. For example, smith)&outformat=refworks
At the UW Law Library, we’ve been working with RefWorks to develop a faculty bibliography. Being able to not only receive notification of new articles by our faculty, but to have the citation information directly imported into RefWorks via CLJC will be a time-saver.
Update: Customized RSS feeds just got a lot easier! Per my suggestion, John has added a RSS button to the search results page. Just do a search and click on the RSS button to subscribe to the results. I LOVE this!