Recently Digitized Wisconsin Magazine of History Contains My First Article on Prostitution in Eau Claire

The Wisconsin Historical Society has recently digitized the full text of The Wisconsin Magazine of History from volume 1 (1917) to volume 83 (1999). The journal is freely available on the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Web site.

prostitutes.png Not only is this good news for historical researchers, it holds special significance to me personally. My very first article was published in The Wisconsin Magazine of History. It was my senior history thesis at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and is entitled, “‘This Naughty, Naughty City’: Prostitution in Eau Claire from the Frontier to the Progressive Era.” The research was fascinating, as you can imagine. And seeing it in print gave me the confidence to continue writing articles.

Notice what the women in the photo are wearing. I’ve recently learned that stripped stockings were a dead giveaway as to a woman’s profession. Of course, being photographed with the liquor bottle on the table next to them was also a tell-tale sign.
Thanks to Bill Ebbott for letting me know about this digitization effort.