Lawmakers Using Video to Communicate via the Web

“Many political pundits have said the 2008 presidential race will be the election of YouTube,” says JS Online. “Local lawmakers are picking up on that trend…”
The article explores how Wisconsin’s legislators are using video to communicate directly with the public via the web. Note the use of WisconsinEye.
According to the article:

State lawmakers are making a push for greater visibility on the Web by bringing their messages right to constituents’ computers… Lawmakers find that the technology gives them an unfiltered connection to their constituents.
A recent e-mail newsletter from Rep. Mark Gundrum (R-New Berlin) featured a link to WisconsinEye video of a meeting his Committee on Judiciary and Ethics had with members of the state Supreme Court. “There’s no way the public would really know about something like that or hear about issues of importance to the court otherwise,” Gundrum said. “If there’s something that I think is of interest, it’s a great thing to make that stuff as accessible as possible.”