Free, Easy-to-Use Conference Call System

This morning I had the opportunity to use a conference call service called As the name implies, it’s free to use the service. You will, though, probably have to dial long distance since you don’t get a toll free number. Normal long distance charges would apply – there is no markup.
We used the Reservationless Standard system and it worked great. There is nothing to set up at all and no registration necessary. Just choose one of their dial in numbers and an access code, then communicate this info with all parties. At the appointed time, just dial the number and enter your chosen access code.
You can also use the Web-Scheduled Standard system if you prefer to schedule the call and invite participants. For this you’ll need to register for an account.
Both systems can support up to 150 callers. has received a slew of awards from such organizations as Small Business Technology, PCWorld and others.