Bill to Restrict Public Access to CCAP

The Wisconsin State Journal reports on Assembly Bill 418 which would stop ordinary citizens from viewing Wisconsin court records online (CCAP).
From the LRB Analysis:

This bill restricts public access to the CCAP system from the Internet while permitting unlimited access to information in the CCAP system to Wisconsin judges or other court officials, law enforcement personnel, attorneys, and accredited journalists, as well as persons who regularly deal with court documents in the course of their job duties.
The bill allows limited access to CCAP information for other persons, who must submit to either the clerk of courts or district attorney in the county where the request for CCAP information is filed a written request for information that includes their full name and address, the full name and address of the person or entity subject to the request, the relationship, if any, between the requester and the subject of the request, and the purpose for the request.

You can monitor the status of this bill, or any other, with the Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service.