Tenant Resource Center May Close Due to Lack of Funds

Channel 3000 reports that the Tenant Resource Center is in danger of shutting down.

For 30 years, the Tenant Resource Center has offered free rental housing counseling and legal advice to thousands of people across the state.
In April, the center lost $55,000 of its funding from the University of Wisconsin student government. A phone message at the TRC revealed that the group has again lost funds, but this time from the federal government, WISC-TV reported.
A recorded message on the TRC phone line said, “Due to a cut in funding from the Housing and Urban Development of $40,000, we are forced to temporarily shut down this line.”
That line is the toll free phone line for people living outside of Dane County. TRC officials said that up to 50 calls a day were received on the toll free line, which counselors will no longer answer. Officials said the significant cuts could force the center to shut down completely.

Thanks to my colleague, Vicky Coulter for the tip.