RSS Comes to CCAP

Update: 10/23/07
RSS feeds will be added to “Court Record Events” by the end of the day according to Jean Bousquet over at Wisconsin Courts. And based on this post, they are also working on adding search terms to the feed titles, as well as, beefing up the RSS info page.
A big thanks to Judge Richard Sankovitz for forwarding this post to Jean and to Jean and the CCAP team for so quickly addressing my concerns!
Tracking Wisconsin cases via CCAP just got a lot easier – RSS Feeds are now available on both the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) and the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Case Access (WSCCA) Web sites.
You’ll notice that when you perform a search, a small orange RSS button appears at the top right on your search results page. This generates a RSS feed based on the keywords of your search. Subscribe to it with your RSS feed reader and you’ll receive automatic notification of any new cases matching your keywords. See a sample search results page below:
This is a wonderful improvement to CCAP. The ability to track cases by party name (think clients/potential clients/competition), attorney, topic (class code), etc. is a powerful time saving device for legal practitioners, journalists, and other interested parties.
I do have one suggestion for improvement. In my RSS reader (I use Bloglines), my “Harley Davidson” feed above comes up with the generic title, Wisconsin Circuit Court Access. That’s fine if I’m only monitoring one feed, but if I have multiple feeds, there is no way to tell them apart unless I change the feed title myself. It would be nice if the search terms came up in the feed title.
Proof and Hearsay also notes that they’d like to see a RSS feed on the “Court Record Events” page to track the docket for a specific case. I agree that this would also be a very nice addition.
There is a page on the Wisconsin Courts pages that explains what RSS is, but it’s all quite generic. It would be nice if explained more specifically about the feeds generated by CCAP.
But all in all, this is an awesome service! A great addition to an already wonderful product.
Source: Proof and Hearsay