PACER Free at Some Libraries

In a two year pilot project, free public access to federal court records via PACER has been made available at 16 libraries in 14 states under a joint pilot project of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and the Government Printing Office.
According to a press release from the US Courts, the project is part of the judiciary’s continuing effort to expand public access to court records by discovering if a segment of the public desires access to information contained in the PACER system but is unlikely to go to a courthouse or become a PACER user.
The federal depository libraries participating in the pilot are:

  • Alaska State Court Law Library, AK
  • 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Library, IL
  • San Bernadino County Law Library, CA
  • University of Michigan School of Law, MI
  • Sacramento County Public Law Library, CA
  • University of Tennessee College of Law, TN
  • Nova Southeastern University Law Library, FL
  • New Mexico Supreme Court Law Library, NM
  • Lee College, TX
  • Rutgers Law Library, NJ
  • State Library of Ohio, OH
  • Fordham Law School, NY
  • Wayne State University, MI
  • Rogers State University, OK
  • Portland Public Library, ME
  • Northern Kentucky University, KY