Lots of Cool 2.0 Apps for Libraries

Lots of cool Library 2.0 applications have come my way recently.

  • LibX is a browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer by which libraries can create a customized toolbar to directly access their library’s resources. It also installs a direct catalog search link into search results from Amazon, Google, and more.
  • The University of Ohio Libraries are using Skype for reference. See Library Success for other library online reference projects.
  • The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library has added a Meebo widget to unsuccessful keyword searches in our library catalog. Blogger David Lee King writes:

    This way, when a customer searches our catalog and doesn’t find anything, they can contact us via IM and ask for help (we also display our phone number if they want to call).

  • Jason the Content Librarian reports that the University of Oregon Libraries have a new feature that allows you to send a text message from a library catalog record.

    This is great. Instead of students walking around with scraps of papers with call numbers written on them, they can simply text themselves and use that texted information to locate items in the library.

Thanks to All-Purpose BiblioBlawg, my UW Madison Libraries colleague, Nancy McClements, and Librarian in Black for the tips.