New Bills Would Open Deliberations of Supreme Court & Criminalize CCAP Discrimination reports on two new pieces of legislation proposed by State Representative Marlin Schneider.
The first would open the deliberations of the State Supreme Court. From the article:

Schneider believes the public should also have the right to know about the private discussions of the Supreme Court. Just as the legislature must debate bills and issues in public, so too should the appellate courts. Hence, the lawmaker’s.. bill opens up these deliberations to the public.

The second provides criminal penalties against those who CCAP to discriminate against employment and housing. This bill is in response to criticism of Schneider’s earlier bill which would have limited CCAP access court and law enforcement personnel.
From the article:

The… bill disavows the restrictions made in his previous bill but directly addresses the problem of discrimination, particularly in employment and housing. Schneider’s bill would make it a Class I felon for anyone to discriminate in employment or housing because of an arrest or conviction record on CCAP.

Thanks to Bev Butula for the tip.