Free Service for Recording (& Podcasting) Conference Calls

A while back I posted about a free telephone conferencing service called This free service supplies you with a dial in number and an access code with which all callers can connect.
While this service worked great, I recently had a need to record a conference call. Although does have recording capabilities, this feature is only available to premium subscribers.
Fortunately, I found another service called Basement Ventures which offered free recording of calls. Like, you get a dial in number and a code (which they call a bridge number). Give this to all parties and have them call in at an appointed time. The moderator is also given a special code which allows her to access the special features, like recording, muting callers, etc. See the FAQ for more.
You can also access these special features using the BV Web Manager tool. In addition to recording, the Web Manager allows you to selectively mute and unmute callers. Muted callers can use the “raise hand” icon to alert you that they have a question whereupon you can unmute them. That could come in handy for a presentation.
Within 90 minutes after the call is completed, you may access the recording (MP3 file) on the BV site. You have the option of listening to the call on site (and inviting others to do so) where it will remain for at least 30 days; or you can download it to your own computer for permanent storage.
BV is a wonderful tool with lots of great applications. I needed it for a committee conference call. One of the committee members was unable to call in at the scheduled time and I wanted to offer him a chance to listen in on the meeting. It would also be a great way to archive a call for posterity. And since BV generates a RSS feed, you can even use it to podcast your conference calls.