Self Playing Digital Audio Books – No CD or MP3 Player Needed

Milwaukee Public Library has announced that they’ve recently acquired a collection of “Playaway” audio books.

Playaways are the digital content of an entire book pre-loaded into a pocket-size player. There is no need to load CD’s or cassette tapes; you just press “play” and begin listening. Very simple to operate and light to carry, the library is excited to be able to offer this type of media to its patrons.

Many Madison area public libraries also carry Playaway titles.
To browse a list of available titles, do an author search for “Playaway” in the South Central Library System (Madison-area) catalog or the Milwaukee County library catalog.
Update 3/11/08: It seems that College Library also has some Playaway titles. Thanks to my colleague, Gabby Bate, for the tip.