PreCYdent Tops Search Results

It seems that David Hobbie over at Caselines is very impressed with PreCYdent. He ran a sample search in several databases, both free and commercial, and was surprised with the results:

I was stunned by the results of my search for IPJ on PreCYdent. The top six cases were the leading U.S. Supreme Court cases I studied in Prof. Reimann’s jurisdiction class. Each of them is fundamental to an understanding of the application of personal jurisdiction in federal courts. I have never seen a such a highly relevant set of search results on any electronic case search engine. Not in Westlaw. Not in Lexis. Not anywhere….
A look on the PreCYdent team list and firm description site has a clue.”PreCYdent search technology is able to mine the information latent in the “Web of Law”, the network of citations among legal authorities. This means it is also able to retrieve legally relevant authorities, even if the search terms do not actually occur or occur frequently in the retrieved document.”

Source: Et Seq