CityDictionary Defines Local Customs/Phrases

CityDictionary is a fun new online dictionary with a local flavor. From the creator:

It’s for regional words/phrases/things/places, etc. that you think someone should know about a city. But it’s more than just a city guide — it’s really a place to share insider information like nicknames for things, regional slang, etc. that you wouldn’t know until someone explained it to you. You can also upload photos of things (whether or not you wrote a definition for it). Also, if you have a better definition for a word that already exists on there (or just think there is some key information missing), just add your own definition. You can vote on definitions, too, and the number of votes they have determines the order in which they appear under the word.

Although it’s heavily Madison focused, CityDictionary is open to any city/town in the United States.
Thanks to my colleague, Vicky Coulter for the tip.