Nominate Legal Support Staff for 2008 Unsung Heroes Award

Once again, it’s time to nominate your favorite legal support staff for the Wisconsin Law Journal’s Unsung Heroes award.
From the Web site:

Lawyers in Wisconsin do terrific work. But where would they be without the members of their support staff who, behind the scenes, quietly make it all happen?
In the fast-paced, demanding legal profession, it takes a team of hard-working, dedicated individuals to get the job done. Everyone does their part in ensuring the firm’s success — and the success of its clients. That’s why the Wisconsin Law Journal is honored to host its third-annual event for our “Unsung Heroes” of the state’s legal community.
Please join us on November 14 at Milwaukee’s Italian Community Center as we host the “Unsung Heroes” whose efforts are essential to helping law firms and courts run efficiently.
We’ll recognize several categories, including: Secretary, Paralegal, Law Librarian, Administrator, Human Resources, IT Specialists, Marketers, and Court Staff. Registration: 11:30 a.m. Lunch: noon Award presentation to follow lunch