Badgerlink Databases Available to All Wisconsinites – Now with Federated Searching

If you’re a regular WisBlawg reader you know that I often sing the praises of Badgerlink. Badgerlink is a collection of databases containing over 11,000 periodical titles and over 700 newspapers (including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and many Wisconsin newspapers), children’s and adult literature, business, medical, and education sources, and many other specialized resources not available through regular Internet search engines.
And the really cool thing is that Badgerlink is free to all state residents via Wisconsin’s libraries through funding from the DPI. If your Web access is provided by a registered Internet Service Provider, you should automatically have access to Badgerlink from your home or office. Users whose ISP is not registered may be able to access one or both of the database resources using a WI library card as a log-in ID.
Yeah, I’ve said all this before – so why am I talking about Badgerlink again? Because now you can do a combined search (“federated” search in library lingo) of all the Badgerlink databases at once. Very nice!!
Source: WSLL @ Your Service