City of Milwaukee's Legislative Research Center Offers Offers Improved Access to Legislative Documents

In her Wisconsin Law Journal blog, Law Librarian Bev Butula highlights some changes to Milwaukee’s Legistar service, now called the Legislative Research Center.
“If you are not familiar with Legistar, it is a system to help manage the flow of documents through the municipal legislative process. Obviously, a great help to the Clerk’s office. However, there is also a significant benefit to the legal community. This system contains detailed information, including documentation, pertaining to resolutions, ordinances, reports and other items.”
The Milwaukee upgrade features a cleaner interface, video of Common Council meetings, RSS feeds, and more. Read Bev’s post for full details.
Madison also uses the Legistar system. Its Legislative Information Center offers access to legislative documents such as legislative files, agendas, minutes, etc. for City Council and committees.