CircuitCourtPro Offers Customized Notifications of WI Circuit Court Filings

The folks behind Foreclosure Alarm have expanded their offerings and now offer real-time notification of filings for all case types in the Wisconsin circuit courts. The new product is called CircuitCourtPro. Like Foreclosure Alarm, the data is derived from CCAP.
Here’s how it works:

  • You decide what types of new cases you are interested in and in what geographic area
  • Each morning, you receive a spreadsheet containing the names and addresses of all new cases that match your criteria
  • Data is specifically formatted for Microsoft Word mail merge

CircuitCourtPro is pretty much the same as ForeclosureAlarm, but for all case types. The price is currently $40/month. A free trial is available.
So what’s the difference between CircuitCourtPro and CCAP itself? Although the data is derived from CCAP, CircuitCourtPro‘s notification service is unique. While CCAP does offer RSS feeds now, they are only available for the basic search. There seems to be no way to get a CCAP feed based on a class code or case type search. Plus, CircuitCourtPro also offers downloadable spread sheets for mail merging.
According to developer, Philip Crawford there are plans to offer calendar integration in the future.