Monitor State of Wisconsin Administrative Rulemaking Process

Updated: 7/22/2013
I’ve recently been made aware of the State of Wisconsin Administrative Rules Home Page.

Wisconsin state agencies value your involvement in agency decision-making and have created this website to make it easy for you to monitor and participate in their rulemaking.
At this site, you can:

  • Search for rules
  • View the status of current rulemaking
  • View documents associated with rulemaking
  • Subscribe to receive notification of rulemaking

For more about the rulemaking process and how to view documents, monitor rules, and make comments, see the FAQ page.
Per the Wisconsin Legislative Council’s Administrative Rules Procedures Manual, agencies are required to electronically submit, for inclusion in the state’s administrative rules web site, “all publicly available materials regarding rules that are submitted to DOA, the Rules Clearinghouse, the Chief Clerks, LRB, legislative standing committees, and JCRAR.
This includes scope statements, submissions to the Rules Clearinghouse of proposed rules and accompanying materials (such as fiscal estimates and economic impact analyses), reports of the SBRRB, notices regarding hearings, final proposed rules and reports to the Legislature that are sent to the Chief Clerks for referral to standing committees, emergency rule-making orders, requests for extensions for emergency rules, modifications to proposed rules, withdrawals or recalling of proposed rules, and final rules that are submitted to LRB for publication.”
2011 Executive Order #50 requires that these materials also be submitted to the Governor’s Office of Regulatory Compliance