Survey Measures Students' Law School Experiences

There is an interesting article in today’s Chronicle of Higher Education on the results of the 2008 Law School Survey of Student Engagement. The author particularly discusses one section of the report, Computers in the Law School Classroom.

Law-school professors are fed up with students using laptop computers in class to surf to Facebook, eBay, everything but LexisNexis. And some have even banned the distracting machines. But results from a new survey show that an outright ban might not be such a good idea….
When used wisely, laptops can actually enhance student engagement. The survey found that class-related laptop use correlates highly with reported gains in several areas, including critical and analytical thinking.

Other areas of the report include Ethical and Professional Development in Law School and Developing Legal Skills. The full report is available on the survey’s Web site.
Source: LexLibris