New SSRN E-Journal, Legal Information & Technology, Encourages Law Librarian Scholarship

SSRN has recently unveiled a new e-journal titled Legal Information & Technology. It includes working papers, forthcoming articles, and recently published articles in all areas of legal information and law librarianship. Interested readers can subscribe to receive the ejournal.
According to an article in the Academic Law Library Special Interest Section newsletter, co-editors Randy Diamond and Lee Peoples “hope that it will encourage the profession to write more, increase opportunities for obtaining feedback on works and progress, and connect law librarian scholarship to a wider audience both in the legal academy and other academic disciplines.”
The archive already includes over 150 papers and is growing daily. The co-editors invite LLJ, LRSQ, IJLI, and Perspectives authors to post their works back to 2005 and welcome all other publications from that time frame fitting within the journal’s subject matter. If you already have an SSRN account please upload your paper and classify it under the Legal Scholarship Network > LSN Subject Matter eJournals > Legal Information & Technology eJournal.