ATL Career Center Offers Firm Profiles and Comparisons

Above the Law has developed a new site called Career Center for researching information about law firms.
In Firm Snapshots, you can view profiles of individual firms, including Compensation, Associate Experience, Billable Hours, Face Time and Vacation Policy, Pro Bono Policy, Partnership Prospects, Benefits, Summer Associate Program, and links to Discussions on Above The Law.
In Firm Comparisons, you can compare different firms on various metrics. Registration is required for comparisons.
From the ATL blog:

To keep the information in the Career Center accurate and up-to-date, we’ll be asking for your help. Please register for full access to the site. If you’re a lawyer at a firm included in the Career Center, you’ll be asked to answer short survey questions about your firm when you visit. We’ll aggregate and update our data each time a new visitor logs in to the site. By providing users with the ability to generate detailed firm reports, both individually and on a comparative basis, the Career Center offers attorneys a new way to navigate the law firm landscape.
If you are a recruiting director at a featured firm, please take a few minutes (if you have not done so already) to review the content of your firm profile for accuracy. If you have any corrections or updates, or general feedback about the Career Center, please email them to Our goal is to present data that is dynamic, continually updated, and accurate, differentiating our Career Center from other outlets.