Emerging Technologies & Law Libraries

Last Friday, I had the the pleasure of speaking at the Minnesota Association of Law Libraries Spring Conference. My presentation was entitled Emerging Technologies in Law Libraries: It’s Everyone’s Business.
I was the keynote speaker and they asked me to give an overview of emerging technologies and how law librarians are using them. I floundered around a bit as I was preparing my talk – how to cover the tons of amazing resources available in one hour – and not completely overwhelm them.
I ended up taking a step back and talking about why it’s important that ALL law librarians stay aware of these technologies (see the excellent post at Librarians Matter, 20 reasons why learning emerging technologies is part of every librarian’s job).
I followed up by briefly explaining what each tool does and showcasing how libraries are using them. My powerpoint, which I posted to Scribd, is below. You can also view my handout which has urls for all of the resources I discussed.
Emerging Technologies in Law Libraries Emerging Technologies in Law Libraries Bonnie Shucha Powerpoint presentation to accompany my presentation at the Minnesota Association of Law Libraries Meeting, May 29, 2009

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