Superseded WI Admin Code Added to LRB Website

More news from Bruce Hoesly at the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau:

The LRB has added an archive of superseded Administrative Code pages that were replaced between Register 1 (1956) and Register 541 (2001). Not all pages replaced in that time period are included. As the Register numbers become lower, the amount of archived code in the folders becomes less complete. Folders for Registers 446 and earlier only contain Building, Electrical, Plumbing and other Ind and ILHR codes. We hope to have all versions of the post-1956 Ind and ILHR codes on line in the near future so that all Building, Electrical, Plumbing and related codes for the last 50 plus years will be on line.
The new archive can be accessed from a link at the LRB Code and Register home page This new archive is in addition to the superseded code replaced since Register 541 that was previously available through links in the history notes to Administrative Code sections, which is a complete collection. Links from the history notes to the new archive materials will be added in the future. A new detailed explanation of how to access all of the superseded code on the LRB web site is also included on the Code and Register home page.