John Hodgman on Obama as America's First Nerd President

I found myself laughing out loud this morning watching John Hodgman’s speech at the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner. Maybe it’s a nerd thing.

Here’s a description from the Mental Floss Blog:

Sitting on the dais with him was President Obama. Hodgman suggested that Obama is American’s first nerd president in the modern era, after a succession of jock presidents. Obama seemed to agree. Watch the video below for a cultural moment that’s sure to resonate for decades to come.
Discussed: the culture war between jocks and nerds; the three kinds of Hobbits; God as a distant, uncaring Dungeon Master; Obama’s victory as a Revenge of the Nerds; asking the hard questions about the president’s nerd credentials; a series a stunning Dune references; some nice Star Trek references.