FreeCourtDockets Sets Limit on Number of Free Dockets per Day

In response to rising demand and rising cost, FreeCourtDockets has set a limit on the number of free dockets that users can obtain daily.
From a recent email:

The word has been quickly spreading about FreeCourtDockets, many people have been granted invite codes, and our costs have quickly risen. To manage these costs we have been forced to implement a limit on how much docket data a person can obtain in a single day.
Pacer charges us eight cents per page with a cap of $2.40 for dockets. We have made your daily limit $2.40. This means you can obtain $2.40 worth of dockets from us for free every day. This could be one 200 page docket, 30 one page dockets, etc. This does not apply to U.S. Supreme Court Dockets–there is no limit on the amount of dockets you can retrieve.

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