RECAP Firefox Add-on – Access PACER Docs for Free; Contribute New Docs to Archive

I’m excited about a new Firefox add on called RECAP that “improves the experience of using PACER, the electronic public access system for the U.S. Federal District and Bankruptcy Courts.”
According to the website, RECAP:

  • Helps you give back: Contributes to a public archive hosted by the Internet Archive
  • Saves you money: Shows you when free documents are available
  • Keeps you organized: Gives you better filenames, enables useful headers

For a glimpse of RECAP in action, I highly recommend that you watch the short video available on their website. See the features page for more information.
RECAP is a project of the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University. The RECAP repository is hosted by the Internet Archive and they already working with Justia and to integrate the public records they already have into the RECAP archive.
Hat tip to Erika Wayne via the ALL-SIS listserv.