Seminar on Lawyers, Lobbyists and Legislators

The State Bar is offering an interesting seminar/webinar next Friday entitled Lawyers, Lobbyists and Legislators.
The morning is devoted to Legislative Resources for Lawyers. The program kicks off with a session on “Researching the Legislative History of a Bill” with Jason Anderson and Steve Miller of the LRB. The remainder of the morning is on useful resources from the various Legislative agencies plus a primer on the Administrative Rule Making Process.
The afternoon will cover When a Lawyer Runs for Elected Office. Participants will explore the conflict of law between Supreme Court Rule 20 and the Government Accountability Board rules. This seminar will help you gain a better understanding of the choices and dilemmas a lawyer faces while holding a public office.
See the full program schedule for more details.
Thanks to my law librarian colleague, Mary Koshollek, for the notice.