Archive of Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel Articles

Thanks to Bev Butula on her Wisconsin Law Journal blog for sharing that the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel now offers an archive of articles from 1884 – 2007. The search box is located on the JSOnline homepage on lower right.

Coverage includes the following, although there do appear to be some gaps:

  • Milwaukee Journal – 1884 to 1995
  • Milwaukee Sentinel – 1909 to 1995
  • Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel – 1995 to 2007

The user can search by specific date or keyword. This is nice if you want to see the headlines from a specific day or have a very specific keyword in mind. But, there was no way to combine the two search type to search for a keyword in a date range. It also doesn’t seem to allow phrase searching in quotes. These would certainly be an improvement.
Archived news articles are also available in Google News from the 1890s to the present. To access the archives, go to the advanced search page and enter “Milwaukee” in the Source box. Note that there are several advanced search features available here, including keyword by date range.
See Bev’s post for a comparison of the search features of both databases.
Both databases are “powered by Google” so the content view is identical – a full view of the paper, complete with adds. The user can reduce or enlarge the view and move around the sections of the page. Unfortunately, there is no way to download print the articles, other than doing a screen capture.