2009-10 Print Wisconsin Statutes Now Available

From WisBar Inside Track:

The 2009-10 Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations are available in hardcover and softcover versions.
The hardcover book costs $72 plus $7 for shipping; the softcover book costs $58 plus $6 for shipping. Please add applicable tax. Unless exempt by law, all sales are subject to 5 percent state sales tax and, where applicable, 0.5 percent county sales tax and 0.1 percent stadium tax. Prepayment is required for all orders.
To order, send check or money order to the Wisconsin Department of Administration, Document Sales and Distribution Section, 202 S. Thornton Ave., Madison, WI 53707-3037. Payments should be made payable to WI Department of Administration.
Place credit card orders, VISA or MasterCard, by calling (800) 362-7253 or (608) 264-9419.
For more information, call (608) 266-3358.