Wisconsin Public Notices Searchable via New Website

Wisconsin Public Notices is a new site containing full text public notices as originally published in Wisconsin newspapers. The site was created by the Wisconsin Newspaper Association.
The site features a robust search engine allowing users to search by keyword, date, location and/or newspaper title. The search results (see image below) show the full page of the newspaper on which the notice appears in PDF. Note that the results aren’t perfect, though – it will return a hit if the keyword appeared anywhere on a full newspaper page, not just in the notice section. But that seems to be a relatively minor glitch.
The site also has a subscription alert service whereby newly uploaded public notices matching your search criteria will be emailed to you. The cost is $75 a month or $600 per year.
If you wish to extend your search to the full newspapers, instead of just the notice sections, use the Wisconsin Newspapers Digital Research Site available through Badgerlink. It provides access to the daily and weekly newspapers in Wisconsin, starting in 2005 to the present, with an embargo delay of 60 days.
This service is available onsite in libraries of all types (except for corporate libraries) and through entry of a public library card number. It is not available statewide through IP address authentication as are other BadgerLink resources.