UW Law School to Host Forum on Legal & Political Issues Raised by Governor's Budget Repair Bill

University of Wisconsin Law School has organized a forum on the legal and political issues raised by the Governor’s Budget Repair Bill. All are welcome.
The forum seeks to provide insights into the dramatic developments that have followed the introduction of the Governor’s Budget Repair Bill from an historical, legal and political perspective
The forum will be held Wednesday, February 23, 2011 from 6-8 pm in Room 2260 of the UW Law School
Speakers include:

  • Professor Carin Clauss, Law School
  • Professor Donald Downs, Political Science
  • Professor Will Jones, History
  • Professor Andrew Coan, Law School
  • Professor David Cannon, Political Science
  • Professor Neill DeClercq, School for Workers, UW Extension
  • Chair: Professor Heinz Klug, UW Law School

Update: A video of the forum will be available Thursday, 2/24 on the UW Law School Website