Mobile Map of Restaurants Recommended by UW Law Faculty & Staff

Looking for a good restaurant in the Madison area? Check out our map of restaurants recommended by UW Law School faculty and staff. You can access it via the Web or on a smart mobile phone.
To use the mobile version, first, install the Google Maps for Mobile app on your device. It is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and more.
Then simply open the map at in your mobile browser or scan this QR code:
[what is a QR code?]
Say yes when it asks you if you want to open the link with Google Maps.
The map should then open on your mobile in Google Maps as a new layer. If you allow it to track your location, it will show you which recommended restaurants are in your area.

Touch a marker to see the name of the restaurant (the green markers are vegetarian/vegan friendly). Then touch the name to view the review and additional information.

If you click on the list icon in the bottom left corner of the map, it will bring up an alphabetical list of all the restaurants and show the distance from your current location.